About Optibag

Optibag is a world-leading supplier of optical sorting plants for source sorting of household waste into coloured bags directly in the home. The system does not require any changes to the existing collection system. We develop, design, deliver and install complete plants for source sorting of household waste and pre-treatment of biological waste (food waste).

Our customers are towns and local authorities as well as private contractors within the waste management sector. The head office is situated in Mjölby and our ”field of operation” is worldwide, operating through our distributor network. Optibag is owned by Envac AB which is a part of Stena Group.

Optibag – on the individual’s own terms
The Optibag concept is developed to contribute to a better – external and internal – environment. Packaged waste is transported through the whole collection, transport and separation process cycle. The fully-automated optical sorting procedure is managed and controlled by an operator using computer tools from a control room. All in all, this warrants a modern, hygienic work environment and clean, environmentally-sound management of the whole process.

Optibag – an unlimited potential for the future
Optibag is a safe, well proven system for waste management. The system has clear cut financial and environmental benefits as well as a unique development potential. When new or more extensive sorting needs and requirements are introduced, more bags in new colours can be simply added to the management system. This can apply to anything from a residual fraction to diverse frequently recycled products such as hard plastics or recycled paper. This flexibility means the Optibag system is uniquely prepared for the future. Regardless of the demands which will be placed on waste management in the years ahead, the Optibag system will be able to meet and comply with the highest demands.

”Turnkey” plants with a functional warranty
We want to save our customers the costly “trial and error” scenario that often accompanies the installation of a new waste management system. A key component of the Optibag Concept is the provision of a complete, functional total solution. An important element thereof is our turnkey plants with functional warranties.

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