Optibag source sorting system

Optibag is a very rational and cost-effective collection and source sorting system for household waste, restaurants, business enterprises and similar organisations.

Plastic bags in different colours are used to identify which type of waste they contain. Household waste is usually sorted into 30 litre bags made of plastic:

Food waste in green bags
Combustible in red bags
Black or white bags are generally used for residual fractions.
Packaging material and newspapers can also easily be dealt with in this sorting system.
Bags and sacks up to 120 litres and 15 kg in weight can be managed in the plants.

The sorting system identifies the different colours and sizes of the bags and sorts them accordingly for the relevant treatment. The various phases of treatment after sorting can involve removal of the bags and treatment of its contents whilst still therein. Today, the system is capable of processing up to 97% of all sorted bags in any approved colour. Those bags which are not approved or any loose material passes straight through the sorting system and is treated as a residual fraction.

Every bag’s colour is viewed as a fraction. The system can manage up to nine different fractions.

The system enables households to empty all waste into bags and sacks in their own homes. It also means that transports are more efficient as waste no longer needs to be separated during transport thereby minimizing collection costs.

The quality standards of all fractions put into bags by the users have proven themselves to be very high with up to 90-99% correctly sorted. The variations in quality and users’ willingness to sort can be attributed to information, motivation, design, and, above all, the collection personnel’s work routines.

The Optibag source sorting system is designed to be as simple and economically viable as possible.

No changes to collection routines are required. However, the system doesn’t allow the collection of paper sacks or paper bags. No new vehicles are needed and no modifications or alterations of properties are necessary.

Experience has show that tenants quickly accept this type of source sorting and that the quality of the collected material is generally high.

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