The renaissance of source sorting!


Today, it comes naturally to us to sort at source as it has become an important part of protecting our environment because, amongst other things:

  • We raise our environmental awareness
  • We understand what is hazardous waste
  • We take better care of our natural resources and raw materials
  • We save energy
  • We get cleaner fractions for recycling
  • We reduce the amounts destined for the waste tip

Today, it comes naturally to us to contribute to the effective recycling of materials by sorting at source.

The vast majority of waste can be recycled or reused. Studies on household waste show that over 90% of everything discarded can be recycled.

Other studies also show that sorting at the source results in a much higher quality of the collected materials than if everything is put into the same container and sorted thereafter at a central plant.

Most important of all is the creation of a good source sorting system which means that the recycling companies can take advantage of quality assured materials. So long as it is financially and environmentally justifiable, one should sort into as many fractions as possible. It is important that the waste containers and other collection receptacles function well so that they facilitate the work.

Optibag is a safe, well proven system for the management of household waste. It is simple and cost-effective to install and use. In the event of new or more extensive sorting needs and requirements, other fractions can be simply introduced into the system. 

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