Analysts / Consultants

Optibag is the market leader within the field of optical sorting and has more than 20 years experience of different technical solutions and adaptations of system solutions.

We help you with the following:
• Plant proposals and layouts
• Budget quotations and relevant investment costs
• Capacity and sorting calculations
• Calculations of power consumption and operating costs
• Advice relating to combination solutions with Optibag e.g. a refuse vacuum collection system or other solutions.

We can moreover assist with the provision of know-how regarding:
• Current and relevant public inquiries and reports
• Attitudinal surveys of end users
• Bags for sorting – technical specifications, experiences, costs

Source sorting, biogas and environment

Most local authorities have environmental objectives that should be achieved. Many studies have shown that the Optibag sorting system means considerably fewer transport movements, and consequently lower CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions, compared to multi-container systems. At Optibag, together with our users, we are proud of our ability to take part in the care of our planet!

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